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Cooperation of the companies ProSign GmbH and DRAGO Automation

by Katja Lehmann (comments: 0)

ProSign GmbH and DRAGO Automation combine their competences and develop a strong all-in-one product including the PACcubes Station and ultra-compact I/O modules. The PACcubes Station PCR-STA31-MC1 will be available in February 2017 and it will be compatible with the ultra-compact I/O Modbus RTU I/O modules from the company DRAGO Automation. That means, the compact, universal I/O modules will be joint with the graphically programmable head station of the PACcubes series.

The I/O modules and the PACcubes Station can be programmed with the graphical programming system PACstudio, which uses technical signs and symbols, just like all other PACcubes products. By the companies’ cooperation, an integral system solution is developed, which can solve customer-specific measurement tasks and at the same time is easy to use, as for graphical programming with PACstudio, no programming language has to be learned.

The PACcubes Station PCR-STA31-MC1 features a high-performance ARM Cortex-A7 processor with 1.2 GHz and a DDR3 internal memory with 1GB RAM. The PACcubes Station is equipped with a UMTS interface to communicate with the Internet of Things over MQTT to do monitoring tasks and perform remote maintenance. The programming takes place over MQTT function blocks, which can easily be configured.

With an installation width of only 6.2 mm, the Modbus RTU I/O modules are especially slim. Furthermore they offer high measuring resolution and a wide temperature range. That is why they are suitable for complex field and control tasks and stands out because of the especially fast measurement data conversion and field-bus provision.

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