tcAppPublisher – Read and transfer a tcApp

by Katja Lehmann (comments: 0)

Generally, programming a test.con application is a lot of work. The application has to be planned, written and tested. But what if the application you need already exists on another Q.station or Q.monixx device, which had been tested and is working perfectly fine?


With tcAppPublisher a test.con application can be read from a Q.station or a Q.monixx device and can easily be transferred to another device. test.con is not needed for that and no additional programming has to be done. tcAppPublisher is an application independent from test.con. An application can be transferred from one device to another without any knowledge about test.con. The application, the so-called tcApp, can be transferred to as many devices as desired.

tcAppPublisher scans the connected target systems and lists them together with the embedded runtime kernel and user programs. At the same time, available dependencies to other runtime kernels are checked. From this list, the user selects a program for their tcApp. Following, the recovery files of the user programs, potentially existing configuration data for communication with other runtime kernels and the XML file with the interface variables are read. Additional information as f.e. the tcApp name, a short description etc. can be read. The tcApp can be published in standard configuration of the tool. All relevant files are then merged into one compressed file. This file can be provided to a user, so they can transfer the application to their device.

That means the tcAppPublisher actually saves you time and money because the user will not have to try and reprogram an application that already exists and works perfectly.

Find the documentation of the tcAppPublisher here...

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