Simple graphical programming

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  • measurement systems
  • data loggers
  • sensors
  • actuators

micro controllers: 8/16/32 Bit - ARM/Intel/Freescale/...

from 4 kByte RAM and 32 kByte program memory


ProSign is developing innovative graphical engineering systems to configure and program small and medium micro controllers since 1997. We are mainly focusing on concepts and procedures suited for application-specific model-driven software development. Based on our technologies, we are focusing on the development of complete automation systems.

As every customer is unique, they can rely on our unique support: From individual adjustment of the software platform to the development of specific control systems up to supporting application-specific projects.

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You are machine builder...

... and you are looking for an ideal automation solution for your machine? We are delivering everything from one hand.

  • Programming system
  • Electronics development
  • Electronics production
  • Application programming
  • Factory data capture
  • Remote maintenance

The right control for every kind of application.

You are looking for a programming system?

You are producing PLC controls and are looking for an OEM programming system? We port iCon-L on your PLC control.

Or are you looking for a programming system for your own application on your own PLC control? Then, iCon-L is also your choice.

You are looking for a systems integrator...

... for measurement tasks? ProSign offers the systems integration of Gantner measurement engineering for customer-specific tasks in close cooperation with Gantner Instruments. We are supporting you starting from selecting the sensor, to programming the application software and up to the complete implementation of the project.

You are looking for a PLC?

We are offering our own controllers (have a look at PACcubes) as well as controllers from our OEM partners as complete supplier. Depending on the requirements of your application, you can choose the ideal controller from a large range of controllers from various classes.

  • Mini PLCs with 8 Bit micro controller
  • modular control system with different Cortex-M controllers
  • Linux-IPC with Intel ATOM controller or Cortex A7 Quad core

For every application the right controller...

Also have a look at our allround solution PACcubes!

iCon-L in measurement engineering

The company Gantner Instruments, a world widely leading company for engine test bed equipment with precise measurement engineering, uses our programming system iCon-L as OEM software in their own measurement systems.

iCon-L in power generation

Since 2012, ProSign is developing and supplying the customized control of the CraftEngine combined heat and power system (CHP system) to the company AVL Schrick. Furthermore, AVL says that they have found a partner in ProSign that can offer all important components for the automation system from one hand. It starts with the own graphical programming systems and goes up to the electronics development. Read more…

iCon-L in traffic systems

Two globally active suppliers of rail-bound traffic systems have decided to use iCon-L as programming solution, Siemens (messMa) and Vossloh Kiepe. The company messMa uses iCon-L for their data loggers and display solutions for driver’s cabins since 1997. The company Vossloh-Kiepe uses iCon-L for their control solutions for trams and trolleybusses since 2004.

Programming software designed by ProSign


iCon-L is the basic program on which all OEM versions are based. At the moment, iCon-L is marketed to end customers as OEM product by 7 companies and under their own name. It is used as software engineering tool for programming their own system solution from another 12 companies.

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PACcubes are Programmable Automation Controllers developed by ProSign. Together with the cloud solution PACcloud and the graphical programming tool PACstudio, they represent an integral system solution for automation and monitoring.

You can find further information about our PACcubes series on


test.con is the programming tool for test controllers of the company Gantner Instruments with the final designation ...T. Gantner Instruments controllers are modular measurement systems, which offer a maximum of flexibility. With test.con technicians and engineers can program using block diagrams, so applications can be modulated and adjusted to specific requirements easily.

Find out more about test.con on There are also example applications, which have already been created.


miCon-L is the programming system for the mini PLCs of the STG series of the company Barth Elektronik GmbH. The mini PLCs can be used in various areas and can be programmed with the compact programming tool miCon-L with only little learning about how to program with function blocks. 

Further information as well as application examples and projects you can find on the website