Our main product iCon-L is mostly supplied to device manufacturers and system suppliers, which are then selling their control system solutions to end customers with our programming technology under their own name. For our key customers, the product is almost impossible to apply without our broad service. Only by customizing and individualizing the software package, the end customer obtains an efficient complete solution. That is why we think of ourselves as technology service provider, who develops products in trustworthy cooperation.

We are increasingly taking over the development and project management of complete application projects on the basis of iCon-L. For those projects, already existing complete systems as f. e. the control system from Gantner Instruments or Beckhoff are used. In single cases we are developing a completely new automation system for such application projects. For those projects we are developing the hardware and the software.



Porting iCon-L on a customized control


To use iCon-L on a specific control, the iCon-L runtime kernel has to be implemented on the control system. The runtime kernel is written in a highly portable ANSI-C code and has already been ported for many micro controls. It usually does not take a lot of time to port the basic components of the kernel, so it should be done in a couple of days. After that, the individual customization and the connection to a specific process interface will follow (digital I/Os, analog I/Os, field busses etc.).

In what extend we are supporting the port, really depends on your individual requirements. That is why our service reaches from a first test port up to the complete product development.

Test port

As a first step, mostly a test port is performed. On basis of the test port, basic components of iCon-L are implemented on the control system provided by you. As a result of the test port, the control can be programmed using standard blocks and the program flow can be watched with the integrated online mode. The test port is mostly performed together, but if you want, we can offer you to do the test port completely.

After finishing the test port, we can introduce your employees into system programming in trainings and seminars. Furthermore, you can buy all necessary tools for system programming from us and perform your individual adjustments yourself. The most of our key customers do the maintenance and further development of the individual components on their own.

Taking over the complete system programming


We can also perform complete system programming with all necessary process phases:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Design of individual modules and blocks
  • Integration
  • Test
  • documentation

An example for the complete system programming is the hemodialyzer analyzer

Customizing the programming surface iCon-L

The programming technology iCon-L is an in-house development of the company ProSign for 100%. That means ProSign has all rights and knowledge to adjust the programming surface to your individual requirements.

The importance of this aspect is, that only in that way, the automation of the engineering process can be done and therefore a noticeably higher efficiency for software development can be reached.

Renaming/branding the programming surface

The programming technology of our key customers is mostly offered under their own name und on their own invoice. To rename the surface, we are offering a standard service package.

Developing individual interfaces to other environments

To produce intertwining tool chains, it is often necessary to create an according interface between all tools. We are offering the development of according interfaces to the technology package iCon-L.

Application programming with iCon-L


We have collected a lot of experiences from many application projects for the systematic development of software solutions on basis of iCon-L. Device manufacturers and system suppliers, who are supplying iCon-L under their own name, can also draw on our experiences in application programming. For customers of the company Gantner Instruments, we often take over application programming or the first steps into programming.

An example for the complete application programming by ProSign is the hemodialyzer analyzer.

Training and seminars

We are supporting you with individual seminars and trainings about iCon-L. We can do the seminars as you like either in-house at our company or at your company.