Our partners

Barth Elektronik GmbH

BARTH® is developing and producing devices, applications and systems for the automotive and engineering industry since 1993. Their products are used successfully all over the world. Since the end of 2011, BARTH Elektronik is working together with the company ProSign. Together we are marketing the product package mini PLC STG-115, STG-500 and STG-600 with the special iCon-L adaption miCon-L.

On www.micon-l.de you can read more about the controllers and the programming software miCon-L.

Gantner Instruments GmbH

Gantner Instruments is well known as a specialist for acquiring electrical, thermal, and mechanical quantities in the following fields of application: engine testing, component testing and process monitoring. Our products are renowned for their: precision, speed, and flexibility. Since early 2004, ProSign has been closely working together with Gantner Instruments. The test.con/q.series and e.series system is subject to constant customization and optimization in accordance with corporate training courses and customer projects.

For further information and examples about the programming software test.con, please visit out test.con portal.

Graf Syteco GmbH

The company Graf Syteco was founded in 1982. The company develops and produces control units, text displays, counters and CAN bus modules for rough industrial usage. Customers can be found in all areas of machinery and plant engineering, automotive engineering, building installation and logistics. Typical applications are installed f.e. in the packing machine industry, in excavators, at industrial data acquisition in buildings, in spinning machines, storage systems, metal and woodworking machines, in special vehicles and the chemical industry. Since 2005, Graf Syteco uses iCon-L under their own name GDS-Logik for programming their display and automation devices.

IBP Medical GmbH

The company IBP Medical GmbH is specialized in the development of dialysis measurement devices and customized development for all kinds of solutions for dialysis devices. Since 2010 IBP is using iCon-L for programming their own solutions. ProSign and IBP are successfully working together on multiple projects. Besides delivering the programming technology, ProSign is supporting the company IBP with the development of customized solutions.

One of the more extensive projects was the development of a hemodialyzer analyzer.

Intelli production GmbH

Intelli production GmbH, as independent company in the intelli group, is planning the series production of innovative technologies in the areas energy generation and conversion as well as in drive and environmental engineering. Building prototypes and constantly testing decentral micro systems for heating, air conditioning and energy generation are the main areas of the company. Since 2008 intelli production GmbH and ProSign GmbH are closely working together. During a research project, the company intelli developed a micro cogeneration unit. The company ProSign develops and delivers the control system for the combined heat and power system (CHP system).

SysMik GmbH

SysMik, founded in 1991, has become an internationally accepted and technically leading specialist for LONWORKS. Since 1999, SysMik uses our iCon-L framework as basis technology for their programmable LON controllers. The SysMik controllers are used by several international and well known building automation companies.
In the context of a network project in 1999, ABB, SysMik and ProSign started to develop the graphical development environment IPOCS. IPOCS is a technology package that is especially adapted to the LON technology and the application of building automation.


For more than 20 years, the company SE-TEC has been a service company from Saxony-Anhalt which has their main focus on electromic manufactoring services.

As part of the PACcubes project, ProSign and SE-TECH are working together. Read more about that here...