About us

ProSign is developing innovative graphical engineering systems for configuration and programming of small and medium sized micro controllers since 1997. Concepts and processes for model-driven software development are the main focus. Based on our own technologies, we are increasingly developing complete automation systems.

As every customer is unique, they can build on our unique support: Starting with individual adjustments of the software platform and development of specific control systems up to supporting application-specific project solutions.

Our main product is the programming system iCon-L. We have created a product family around this product, which includes the pure programming system as well as the complete automation solution composed of software and hardware. Furthermore, ProSign has developed technology components, which are offered apart from iCon-L.

For some selected micro controllers, ProSign has already prepared software solutions, which can be applied on specific hardware solutions. Therefore, you can have a look at our programming solution miCon-L, test.con or PACstudio.

Graphical programming systems

We are specialized in developing graphical programming systems and programming technologies, which are especially easy and intuitive to operate. We offer those programming systems as OEM solutions to equipment manufacturers and system suppliers to extent their own product line.

Complete systems

Besides customized implementation and adjusting our programming technologies, we increasingly offer complete package solutions including hardware and software. Our latest development is PACcubes. We developed the PACcubes controllers as well as the programming software PACstudio.

The team